Thank you so much for visiting my page! I hope you can see all the love that I pour into my photography as you scroll thru the various pages!

I started my small business back in 2008 out of frustration of not being able to afford photographers that I loved. So humbly I started taking photos of my own family and low and behold this business was born. My cousin and I agreed to build this side gig together and have shot many weddings and families over the years. As our business and families have grown so also has the flow of how we do things.  I am now doing photography as my full-time business and pour out my heart and soul into my work! I love God first, then my family but my love of photography always shines thru in my day to day life!

With this fast paced world that we live in I think it is important to be grateful for every single moment that we are blessed with. A photo to me has never been about something to showcase my life or beautiful chaotic mess as is probably a more accurate description! Ha! But more of a captured moment in time of this crazy journey we are on! These photos that I have chosen to share with you on this page are a perfect example of a beautiful moment captured as we were celebrating my son Sam's successful completion of chemo and radiation from a brain tumor. Praise God! As I look at these photos I am overwhelmed with joy and graditude for this moment that he was able to run and play on the beach in his most favorite spot! You might look at them and say cool pics on the beach, but for our family it was an amazing celebration captured forever! 

So whether your moment is a momentous occasion or just an ordinary beautiful day it is worth capturing and I would love to document that day for your family! I promise you we will have fun and laugh together and you will love each and every photo! I look forward to meeting you and all your favorites! 

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